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Pneumatic portable valve actuator with a collector
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display:none;">Collecteurs d'échappement et silencieux


It is recommended to use a silencer with pneumatic portable actuators. It fixes to the actuator’s exhaust vent and reduces the sound level. We have silencers of varying sizes and performance levels for different applications and constraints of use of the actuators.

> Heavy duty exhaust silencers: Extremely robust and compact, this stainless steel silencer reduces the noise level and protects against foreign bodies getting into the motor via the exhaust vent.


  • AC155 for Easy Duty actuators
  • AC156 for Standard Duty and Heavy Duty actuators

> High flow exhaust silencer: Constructed with a unique expansion chamber, completely free of obstruction, exhaust air softly flows to the atmosphere with significant noise and oil fog reduction, providing a clean comfortable productive work environment. Composed entirely of corrosion-resistant material for long life and maintenance-free performance, this model is especially recommended for Standard Duty and Heavy Duty actuators.


AC159 for Standard Duty and Heavy Duty actuators only

> The exhaust collector must be assembled on Standard duty and Heavy duty actuators radial exhaust to accommodate the silencer. For Easy duty actuators, the silencer can be directly fixed to the exhaust vent at the back of the motor.