Air filtration, pressure regulation and lubrication units (FRL)

Unités de filtration, de régulation et de lubrification pour moteur pneumatique

The Filtration, Pressure Regulation and Lubrication (FRL) unit is an essential part of the operation, performance and life of your motor.

It ensures that the air (or other gas) used to supply the motor is dry, clean, properly lubricated and at the desired pressure.

The FRL must be correctly sized, placed within 5m of the motor, and the fittings and hoses used must be of sufficient diameter to allow the required motor flow.

Modec FRLs are efficient, robust, compact and easy to install and operate. The regulator is self-pressurising. Lubrication is by selective oil mist. The metal tanks have a level indicator and are filled automatically by suction.

References :
AC106 for the “05” and “07” ranges
AC107 for the ” 08 “, ” 10 ” and ” 20 ” ranges
AC108 for the ” 25 ” and ” 30 ” ranges

Recommended oil type: Modec CO-16 oil (Reference AC149).