Modec oil

Huile pour moteur pneumatique

MODEC-OIL-Co16 is a long-life synthetic oil particularly efficient against wear and tear, corrosion, and air retention. Its resistance to shearing is excellent and it demonstrates good anti-moss properties. With a high viscosity index, it ensures a perfect operation for your air tools, motors and actuators at low and high temperatures.

MODEC-OIL-Co16 oil is compatible with mineral oil, ester and most of plastic and sealing materials. It has no impact on coatings such as paints.

MODEC-OIL-Co16 is particularly convenient for hydraulic installations subject to important temperature variations. Its pour point is low and allows a usage in particularly harsh climatic conditions. This long-life oil is suited to sparging lubrication or to any type of bearings or similar mechanism, for all industries, including food processing.

Synthetic oil for air motors
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C : 22cSt
Viscosity index : 145
Volumic mass : 824 kg/m3
Flash point : +210°C
Pour point : -55°C
Temperature of use : -55 to 130°C