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our air motor catalogue

Reliable air motors with robust design for heavy duty applications!

Modec vane air motors have been used for almost 30 years as an alternative to traditional electrical motors in many demanding applications

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portable valve actuators catalogue

Portable actuators are the must-have tool for industry operators to open and close all types of manual valves quickly, efficiently and safely. Our modular range offers greater choice and flexibility.

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How to choose the right pneumatic motor for the job

A common mistake when considering which pneumatic motor to buy is to focus on the mechanics rather than the job you want the motor to do.

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air motors hanbook

Much less common as electric motors , pneumatic motors are an effective alternative in many high- stress applications , particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and automotive.

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Case studies:

4 portable valve actuators applications

Valve Assist from modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hark work ou of operating manual valves.
Find out in this study cases 4 examples of how our Portable Valve Actuators can be used.

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A case study of 4 applications in different sector for portable actuator
Case studies : 4 air motors applications

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case studies

In those 4 case studies, we will show you specific clients challenges and the way we responded !

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the maintenance of a pneumatic motor !

How to improve the life expectancy of your pneumatic motor ?

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Manual for the maintenance of a pneumatic motor
Presentation powerpoint air motors

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Air motor presentation

Follow our air motor presentation to know when to use an air motor, how to choose it, how does it work …

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Discover our offer

Discover families of products and Modec uses they perform , you could finally know the best way to set up his engine to enable better use.

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Download the portable valve actuators catalogue
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